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How to Create a Multi-Functional Room

A multi-functional living room.

Well-designed rooms offer flexibility and comfort

Whether you are working with an open floor plan, optimizing a smaller space or just spending more time at home, multi-functional rooms can provide the flexibility you need while still offering a clean, streamlined design.


Start by considering what you’ll use the room for and how often. For instance, if you’ll use it as a home office 80% of the time and a guest room 20% of the time, you’ll want to prioritize the office part of the space, using perhaps a sleeper sofa that can double as a guest bed.

An office area and a reading area in an open floorplan. Use lighting to define spaces within a room, in particular when you have an open floor plan.

helpful tips to keep in mind

  • Use lighting to define spaces within a room. A chandelier over a dining room table, a wall sconce next to a reading chair, or bedside lamps around a bed can create zones within a room.

  • Storage is everything. To keep your space from looking cluttered, invest in furniture with storage for smaller items.

  • Don’t overlook vertical space. If you have tall ceilings, think about how you can use vertical space for storing anything from books to a media center.

  • Think multi-functional or fold-away furniture. Folding chairs or a murphy bed can be easily put away when not in use, or a large computer screen could double as a TV.

A neat and tidy living space with storage furniture. Invest in storage furniture to keep your space from looking cluttered, and don't overlook vertical space.

Interesting Room Ideas

When using your creativity, the ideas for interesting, multi-functional rooms are endless:

  • A tub in your bedroom: By properly distancing the tub from the bed, you can pull off this look.

  • A music corner in your living or dining room: Downsizing your furniture can create space for playing your favorite musical instrument.

  • Your child’s playroom in the bedroom: With plenty of storage, you can keep the bedroom neat and organized when it’s time to sleep.

Alt Text When your child's bedroom is also the playroom, add plenty of storage so it's easy to cleanup when it’s time to sleep.

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